How can a moderator reject a project in 15 - 30 mins on codecanyon

Is someone really moderating or its a bot?

I can’t believe this that the 7*3=21 pages responsive bootstrap HTML were rejected so fast.

The Item was uploaded in skins category.

Here is one of the screens designed

Is the moderator real?

Are they all just forms like this? Are each 21 pages unique content or just variations of forms?

They are all forms, same fields different designs

In which case yes they could easily reject it that quick if they didn’t have other files ahead of this in the queue.

  • The three demos you shared are not especially unique or premium

  • Even as a “skin” multiple variations of the same concept is probably not enough in that category where you have many form builders now offering endless versatility.

If the reviewer is unconvinced by the core basics of the layout and features then they won’t bother going through all the different variants of the same thing