How Becoming 95% Physically Challenged Led Arnab Kumar to Envato

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In the rural Indian town of Chapla Khop in West Bengal, sits an Envato author like any other.

He produces business cards, flyers, brochures and Facebook cover photos with the goal of being creative and making sales wherever he can.

He certainly sounds like your everyday Envato Market author. But there’s one big point of difference.

He’s 95% physically challenged.

Early life


Up until the age of five, Arnab Kumar Halder (ArnabKumar) could run, jump and walk like a normal kid. But, at the age of five he was stricken with Juvenile Idiopathic Athritis (JIA). JIA is chronic arthritis that causes inflammation in one or more joints for 6 weeks or longer in children aged 16 years or under.

After seeking treatment he began to get better.

But, some days later he became infected by a deadly disease. Although he sought serious medical treatment, it left him without the ability to walk.

Arnab did however manage to get some special treatment, which healed his sickness, and gave him back the ability to walk.

But sadly, he was again infected with the same deadly disease, and his body became inactive, leaving him bed-ridden. Though he sought treatment once again, he failed to fully recover, this time leaving him completely unable to walk.



Until the age of five he had attended school normally, but after losing the use of his legs, he had to be taught from home.

His teachers accommodated to him as much as they could and he eventually passed high school, but it was a tough experience, and difficult to go any further within the education system.

Throughout his treatment he spent a lot of time in front of his computer. He started using Microsoft Paint, and later on Photoshop, gradually learning the principles of design.

As his design skills improved, so too did the speed of the internet in his area, eventually moving from dial-up to high-speed.

Each day at his computer he was learning something new. He began to blog and freelance online. He came to meet people who made a living selling their designs which brought him to the realisation that that was something he wanted to do.

“The work which you desire and like most from your heart, you should accept as your career”, Arnab tells me, quoting from the Bollywood film “3 Idiots”.

Learning to design

![image](upload://7DSBH3lSG1CYNzejKWm0Ym1P0Bs.png) He continued to educate himself in design online, with Google practically becoming his tutor, and he soon came to discover Envato Tuts+, the tutorials he still uses today.

Arnab’s two hands are very weak, so his workspace has had to be arranged around how he moves. He uses his right hand to type on the onscreen keyboard, and he controls a secondary mini keyboard with his left hand’s three fingers.

Reflecting on the past can still make him very upset, having been able to walk on and off as a child. He still has great memories that have stayed with him, and draw attention to the ability he has lost due to his physical condition. But, in those dark moments he finds inspiration in figures like Stephen Hawking and Helen Keller, watching videos of them on YouTube.

They help pull him through, and remind him of the greatness that’s still possible, with or without the ability to walk or move freely.

Becoming a professional


Arnab spent about two years looking for a job as a freelance designer in vain, but in April this year, he had his first item approved on GraphicRiver. It brought a tear to his eye.

He’s now chosen to make freelancing on the Envato Market his full-time job and even hopes to one day work for Envato itself as a designer.

What more is there to say?

Find arnabkumar on the Envato Market here

Find Envato Tuts+ tutorials here


What an inspiring story! It’s an honour to be part of such a rich and diverse community of authors. Glad that Arnab found a way to do what he loves despite his condition. Stories like this show is that creativity has no boundaries, and if you put in the work, you really can get places regardless of your situation. A great motivation for all authors. I’m going to go make some more music now!

Thanks for sharing, Dom; and good luck, Arnab! :slight_smile:


Great, brilliant. well done. i wish you the very best of luck, you deserve it.
if there is anything you need, weather it be hardware or software to help you in your career.
i will not hesitate to donate money for this.

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It is very hard but you do it. Good luck arnabkumar!:fist:


Inspiring story Arnab, just goes to show that if you put your mind to it, anything is possible. You have some great designs, keep up the good work!

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when there’s a will, there’s a way.

Keep up the Good Work Arnab. :+1:


Great story & inspiring.

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At first a big thanks to @DomHennequin who give me the opportunity to share my little and useless story to all over the world through My beloved Envato.
Trust me in the morning when I got an email from @DomHennequin , I was surprised, I did not believe myself.
Anyway, really I inspired a lot from all of you. It will give me the confidence to work more and more in coming days.

Thanks to all of you.
Arnab Kumar Halder…


Very inspiring story. Keep up the good work.

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top guy @arnabkumar :+1:amazing story mate, you’ve come a long way with sheer will power alone.
Wish you lots of success :clap: :clap: :clap:

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It’s not useless at all, don’t say that please, you’ve just inspired me a lot.
Good luck for you and have a nice day :smiley:


very inspiring story and great work arnab. you deserve kudos.

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I came to know about you on the Facebook group just 2-3 days back. I was shocked!! You have so much will power!! Wish you lots of success and hope you continue to be an inspiration for us. Came to know more about you in this post. Wish you all the best for your future projects on envato.

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This is just something about me.But there are a lot of hidden things and real pain(physical pain) behind this in my life which is I am suffering still now. But I am working against all of this situation.
Anyway, again saying I have charged my battery(physically and mentally ) by all of you. It will help me a lot to go more in coming days.


Very inspiring , I read it , when you posted it on earlier forums , but didn’t think Envato would bookmark it :smile:

But I can say ,You’ve power in you, that’s enough to achieve anything. All the best brother.

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Man…what an inspiring story

it ignited my mind…

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Thank you for your kindness. If I need any help about hardware or software will let you know.
By the way, where are you from? Which country? I don`t see any country flag on your profile.

Awesome man! Very inspiring for me. Keep up the good work :blush:

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@arnabkumar I told you so, bro. Such an inspiring story. Your presence is a great story in Envato.
It moves me a lot.
Keep a great work & you will be stronger than today.

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Hey Arnab,

I just you on forums before reading this topic and wasn’t aware that there lies a super hero behind it.
You life is very inspirational and would surely share it with my friends.
Keep up the hard work and best wishes from Surat, Gujarat.

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