How bad is my rejected track?

Alrighty, this is my first time doing this, and I’m still working on my mixing skills. Why I think this got rejected:

  • The beginning is just kind of badly structured
  • The synth sound I use throughout doesn’t sit in the mix quite right
  • Other mixing problems that I’m not sure how to fix
  • Also, maybe too generic?

I’m sure you guys can give my myriad answers. I will hear any suggestions, I know I’m new at this and am ready to learn.

Here’s the link:

The musical ideas are there, you just need to work on the mixing/mastering and general production level. Main things that jump out at me are low quality presets/samples, a lack of bass and the cymbals at the beginning feel a bit too frequent and have a messy tail. Try to find higher quality sounds if you can.

I’d recommend searching for good quality sample libraries and plugins (you can get fairly decent free ones if you look around a lot), and also work on your mixing, especially in regards to EQing and layering.

But keep at it and mainly focus on your production skills and you should be be good to go! :smiley:

Just binge watch youtube tutorials on mixing, mastering and arranging and you’ll start to improve pretty rapidly if you really stick at it :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Hi @MusicGem !
I agree with the comment above, you need to replace your library of sounds. The idea of the track is good. Good luck!

Much appreciated @Netrabeat!

I was thinking similar things about sample libraries and plugins–I just assumed I had to pay for them all! I will do some searching for some free and cheap ones.

And yes, mixing is certainly a problem for me–thanks for giving me areas of focus!

Time to learn. :nerd_face:

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No worries happy to help, Good luck! :smiley: