How are your expirience after the half year with the new support politic?



How happy are you as a buyer/seller? Is it working how expected?
For me are a lot things not very well.

  • The support takes longer time
  • A feeling that I have now 50 new User accounts on many diffrent support plattforms
  • Looking everytime"What is the license for this or this domain"

How do you manage this all?


I’ve made the decision that Envato is no longer my first port of call for an item, but more likely to be the last resort if I can’t find something elsewhere.


I decided same as UKFilm, considering leaving envato market. Many authors now dont reply any single and most simpliest question if support expired and also restirct acces to their support site with videotutorialz, faq, forum etc. INvestment to pay every six months for renew support is that incredible that it will ruin me, so Im looking for alternative markets to envato where i will buy.