How an autor can understand this s***** rejections for the review teams

I have an HTML theme design approved almost now after I submit it to the store

And I just submit the EXACTLY same just driven by WordPress
and that is what I got

Why is this needed?

Approved design:
Do not approved one:

I`m already not sure if you really one a quality or just don’t want more items ???

Can someone explain why they do this?

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Unfortunately approval in one category doesn’t guarantee anything in others

The HTML is over two years old and design/coding standards have moved on, as have expectation for approval here.

Personally I can see exactly why the reviewer is highlighting esp around typography and mobile optimisation both need considerable work

FYI - on a separate point, having ‘Wordpress theme’ in the hero area of a HTML template demo is asking for trouble and potential customer confusion


Wordpress themes have to e special and unique. No offence but your theme has been done before too many times. Don’t give up, make something special.

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