How add YouTube Content ID from Envato/AudioJungle music?

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  1. I bought a license for the music

  2. I Downloaded music and “purchase code”
    By using this guide:

How add copywrite information (purchase code) on Youtube?
I bought this music in Envato/AudioJungle, and I want use this music in my video without YouTube Penalty!

If possible, send please step-by-step guide with screenshots!

P.S. I am a nub, this is my first YouTube channel.

Hello @Padawan007,

Currently, there is no field where you can enter your purchase code, or license info, in Youtube’s interface.

You just upload your video, once it’s uploaded, and if the music is registered with ContentID, you will receive a copyright notice. This is not a penalty and it’s nothing bad. It’s just a notice that states that there is copyrighted material in your video.

On this copyright notice, there is the title and author of the music, as well as the name of the third-party involved. The most commonly used third-party is AdRev. You can easily lift claims from AdRev by going to this page, where you can copy/paste your license content. The claim is then lifted in a matter of hours (up to 48 in some cases).

Hope it helps!


For example, I bought licence to “Unlimited downloads of music tracks & sound effects!” ($16.50/m)

In AdRev, at field “YouTube Url” I must add YouTube channel url, or every video?

The license is for one end product only, in most cases that would be one video. So you would indeed add the URL of the video using the license.

Witch type of “subject” i must chose?
“To have a claim released (attach license)” - correct?