How AccessKeys created the WordPress plugin they're proudest of

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CodeCanyon authors AccessKeys share the story of how they created ‘AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro’, the WordPress plugin they’re most proud of.

We are AccessKeys from Nepal - Land of Mount Everest.

We’re really proud of our CodeCanyon plugin, ‘AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro’. So here’s a little about how we created it.

The idea


At first, we just generalized the basic idea of submitting a native WordPress post from the front-end, listed some features and built a free version, submitting it to After it was available for free download, we thought the idea was unique enough to build a premium version too, so we created some more features for it.

Since it was our first plugin, we didn’t have much idea as to what level of features should be in this premium plugin. So we researched similar premium plugins on the market and got a basic list of features for its initial release. It took almost a month to develop the initial premium version, but after we did we decided to launch it on our own site. Unfortunately, we struggled to get many sales. Then we thought to sell it on CodeCanyon instead because Envato had a good number of customers.

We submitted our plugin on CodeCanyon and after an initial soft rejection, we got it approved and that same day received our first sale, which was really motivating.

Dealing with feedback


We started getting feedback regarding what major features that we were missing and the improvements we could make from buyers and the non-buyers too. We gradually started adding requested features as soon as we could and with the addition of those new features, we started getting good sales and good customer reviews.


The buyers on CodeCanyon are smart buyers. They’re already aware which plugins are good, which ones have more features and which ones have good customer support, thanks to reviews. So we really need to ensure we maintain and improve the aspects which satisfy our users to keep up the continuous sales and good customer feedback we’ve received.

Who the product's for


‘AccessPress Anonymous Post PRO’ is for WordPress users who desire to receive native WordPress posts from the front-end with or without logging in and is very useful for classifieds, events, product and directory sites among others.



It’s already made over 1100 sales, which means we need to deal with many customer inquiries and issues daily. And we’re happy to do it, because it means our product is useful to people. We’ve found the plugin used on many sites, and we’re hoping to see it pop up on even more.

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Plugin had good start. Unfortunatelly, author don’t develop plugin, just small fixes and small features during more than year. It’s just good plugin for anonymous post, but not enough functions for good all in one frontend post submit plugin.