How about YouTube Content ID


I would like to ask the opinion of AudioJungle’s predecessor.

Which sales is better for tracks with YouTube Content ID and tracks with no ID?

I understand roughly the profit that Youtube ContentID brings to the author.
From the customer’s point of view, does the YouTube Content ID get bad for usability? Is not there any particular change?

I mainly sell at the Japanese site and I sell the same tracks at AudioJungle’s non-exclusive account.

If I got a YouTube Content ID on a Japanese site, I will add it to the page of tracks that I registered with AJ. I am suffering from judgment as to whether to do so.

If I get ID from now, I’m worried about the bad influence on the customer who bought my track before

Thank you in advance

Hi Tama-music.

Well, i have thought about this as well before i got all my tracks registered at AdRev.

I can imagine a lot of customers would like a no content ID track to begin with… not as a priority, but simply because it can be a bit of a hassle to prove that you have bought the track and have to take time to do so.
I have gotten a few angry people as well who cannot believe that they have gotten a claim and have to prove that the track they use in their video is bought by them.
I always calmly explain them how it works and why I do register my tracks.

That is my second point… i have heard so many horror stories of authors having their music stolen, and then get a claim theirselves on their own content! In order to avoid this at all costs i simply have no other choice then to register my music.
Also, i have gotten quite a few claims on people who stole my tracks and used it for their videos… even one with 6 million views now, so that is a nice amount of content ID cash coming my way soon.
Eventually that person bought the track as well, without content ID i would have missed this.

Conclusion for me is that people steal, or worse… steal and claim it as their own making you look like the thief.
People who work in the business as video creators, editors, moviemakers, etc… understand this and will have no big problems with content ID.
Some will find it a hassle and avoid it, but you have to balance this out for yourself… losing a few customers who dislike content ID, or risking getting stolen from.


I registered my tracks in Adrev after maybe 2000 sales. Nobody complained ever (only my accountant :wink: ).
I haven’t noticed any drop in sales.


Good morning from Japan!
I got a wonderful response from great two senior.

Thank you. @ RobertSlump @ RedOctopus
I understood perfectly with your explanation.

The customer who bought the tracks with the content ID is a little troublesome to prove that he bought it, but it is not so bad.

A person who sold 2000 also has not received any claims.

I was relieved listening to these.

And I was able to notice the unexpected danger.

What if a thief steals my tracks and registers the ID as his work?
I can not believe that! I will be treated as a thief. :scream:
Before that I would like to get a content ID.

Thank you!
I am sure that guys who are kind to unknown Japanese may get bigger sales.:blush:

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Wow! Both of you are amazing sales!:heart_eyes:
I followed you. As Japanese customers and AJ 's world wide customers seem to have pretty different preferences, I will study your tracks. Thank you for that as well.

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Hello @tama-music,

Unfortunately, you are indeed correct. There have been many cases where ill-intentioned people have registered music that wasn’t theirs. This is a very bad situation that can become a nightmare to sort out. Some of the very top authors have fallen victim to these scams.

Registering your music yourself, is the only way to make sure it won’t be claim by someone else.

I can only encourage you to protect your music. However, currently AdRev and most other third-parties affiliated with ContentID no longer accept music author from royalty-free platform such as AudioJungle. So when you sign up do not present yourself as an Audiojungle or otherwise “royalty-free” author. Or else, they will reject your application, which would be very unfortunate.

All the best!


Oh dear… Oh my Buddha!:scream:

Thank you @PurpleFogSound
I am shocked to hear that many authors were stolen tracks.:cry:
I am a beginner for royalty free sites. I appreciate your information.

Since Japan’s royalty-free site proposes to me to proceed with ID procedures, I am planning to ask them. In other words, when I upload tracks to the Japanese site, they automatically get IDs.

However, in this case, my AJ’s non-exclusive account (tama-music) will be care, but exclusive account (tama-musicEX) tracks can not be care.

Is it best to register all tracks on my own at “”?
I need to think well. I want to avoid a nightmare, it is troublesome.

Composer does not want to do work other than composition, is not it different?:cry:

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Hi Tama!

Well, i am not sure if AdRev still accepts tracks from stockaudio composers.
Perhaps now they do, but i am sure i read somewhere they stopped doing this, just like @PurpleFogSound stated.

I am sure someone can chime in and can give you some other options though.

Good choice by protecting your music btw… better be safe then sorry.

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Yes! But unfortunately when selling on Envato you have to be a composer, a marketer, a legal expert, a fiscal enthusiast, a pricing analyst, an accountant, a community manager, a content provider, a lobbyist,… :wink:

Anyway, I always think it’s better to register your music yourself, as this way you remain in control. But it requires a bit more work.

Good luck with thinking this through, and I wish you to find the best path for yourself!

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Sold 1254 licenses registered with AdRev, no complaints so far. The most important thing for me is the protection of my customers. If I register tracks on AdRev, I have full control and no one can claim it as their own - which would be a nightmare both for my customers and myself. With AdRev, their videos will stay safe forever.


I can confirm they still do. :slight_smile:

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@AurusAudio Does that mean you will join the dark side? :slight_smile:
(We have candy at AdRev…)

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I’m in the process of conversion…



Cool! You won’t believe the amount of stolen music once you start geting first detections :smiley:


Really? Is this their new stance? Because, a couple months ago they were still not accepting so called “royalty-free authors”.

If they indeed lifted the ban on our kind, this is some serious and great news!

Congratulations on making the move James :slight_smile:

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I think so too. The big name @AurusAudio brought very good news for me.
Thank you so much.:heart_eyes:

Well I guess I should try AdRev…
If I entrust registration via the Japanese site, this does not take time and effort, but ID can cover almost 80% of my tracks. Looking at @WaveToys wrote that theft is very numerous at the first detection, I feel blue.:scream:

Because I am not good at English, learning rules of YouTube ID and AdRev system via Google is very troublesome and nervous.

Anyway. As overseas composers are here were so kind and friendly, I should have learned more English, as well as composing, to enjoy conversation.
(I am posting this through my manager via google…:sweat_smile:)

I deeply appreciate your opinion and information.
Eight million gods of Japanese mythology may bring eight million sales to these kind composers.:blush:


Dear @PurpleFogSound

Thank you!Thank you!:blush:
According to your advice, I appealed to AdRev with the history of activities in other areas, not the career as a “royalty-free” author. The welcome mail arrived in no time. :tada::tada::tada:

It may have been a good impression for AdRev that I showed them the feature articles on the web that American reporters interviewed me.

Thank you for your valuable information & kind explanation. And I will introduce this information to Japanese young composers (not good at English but making interesting tracks) who want to advance to AudioJungle. Some ninja and samurai will come to AJ!:wink:

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I have a new question about Adrev…
What if you had a file chosen as a free file of the month and you register it with Adrev? Thousands of people downloaded that file and it will probably be a nightmare when it gets detected?
Thanx ahead for your answers?

People who properly download free files get the correct license, so why not have any problems?