How about new category for Magento 2 templates in themeforest?

Could there be a separate category for Magento 2 templates in Themeforest? It’s kind of a different animal compared to previous version. At least some easy way to list Magento 2 templates is needed if not it’s own category.


Reviving this old topic as this is becoming a problem. There is a need to separate Magento 2 templates from Magento 1 templates and make it possible to rate them separately. Templates for each of those are made in completely different way. The need to review and comment Magento 2 templates separately is becoming more and more important.

Some Magento 1 templates that are superb in quality are not so in Magento 2. The comment section is a mess as it’s really really difficult to search Magento 2 specific messages. Also quality of the documentation can be excellent in Magento 1 template and suck in Magento 2 template missing some crucial parts completely.

I agree that Magento 2 deserves separate category.