How about minimum price of a musical item? Do you support?

There’s got to be some sort of minimum price for a musical item,
There are some ridiculous low prices with some of the tracks and I think an Envato intervention is required
What do you think?


Sadly we can´t discuss prices on the forums. But without saying numbers, I agree that the minimum limit could be reviewed. :man_shrugging:

Envato claims a minimum price is “illegal” - despite the fact that other platforms do set minimum prices and have for years.

But they’re clearly not interested in implementing a minimum prices in any case, when the theoretical price of a download on Elements can drop to a tiny fraction of a cent.


Minimum price is only a term which can be “walkarounded” by a more complex system. Just as it is now with minimum price which is actually 5$ per track including 4$ buyer fee. So yep, it is possible to rise minimum price but it’s complicated and there is no determination from the company at this moment to make complex changes in this matter.

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