How about create music divisions?

How about create music divisions?
1st, 2nd, 3rd
Point is - really good, commercial material gets in first division. In second - less commercial, maybe more creative stuff, with good quality.
3rd - you get a bitchslap ) not really great stuff, but probability useful in some cases (with reduced price).
If you get in 3rd division - your material is pretty poor. If your new tracks always get there - this will be wakeup call for you, to make improvements.
If your stuff always goes in 3rd - this should be visible at your portfolio.

Yes, i know, this may looks a bit like nazzi approach.
In this case it is possible to put 3rd division somewhere away, from first two. It will be visible in search engine, but have smaller priority.

So, where reviewer have doubts about some material, he can just put it in 3d division (with one click).
Author should be disappointed, but it must push him to work harder. To get in better division!

Aaaaaand, probibilly, if 3rd division placed in separated category - there can be more approved material. Those material, that is on the edge of usability (or very copypasted with not great quality).

Even I would create another category, maybe called “clone tracks”. :wink:


Call them “other” )

How do you think if you go to any store (grocery store, building store or other trade point), they will write under each product that this best, this one is a little worse, and this product is simply terrible? What will the buyer think that the store sells bad goods? I think that the store is profitable to sell absolutely every product, and if it was bad then the store would not sell them.

Well, then maybe decreased price will be good enough

This idea is really divisive and quite silly in my opinion. How about authors with less than 10 sales should have their accounts revoked? That would be quite sad to see.


Actually im getting tired of rejections, so im fantasising about situations, where there can be more approvals.

Anything less than great quality should not be accepted in the first place. There is no place for low quality in a hopelessy saturated marketplace.

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Not a great idea. The review team is already doing their best to filter out redundant or weak items. Everything that seperates authors or items in classes gets a big NO from me.

Even the good items are hardly sell well here :

The current pass/fail review system is already subjective enough. Having to train a reviewer to place an item in 4 different categories would increase review times and general headaches for authors.

A better solution in my opinion would be author-driven pricing, (with a minimum price amount) ut that’s a different can of worms.