How about BuyAi app- A new social shopping App


We would like to introduce a brand-new and exciting Social shopping application to this community.

BuyAi - Let’s go shopping together!

Google Play Link -

  1. Free Download
  2. Works with up Android 4.0
  3. It’s simple and convenient.
  4. Browsing trendy items, chat with your friends while shopping online, and seamlessly split payment for easy gift-giving.
  5. Sync and share your shopping experience with others within mere seconds.
  6. Shop, discover and buy thousands of great products that can be shipped for free – anywhere in the world
  7. Chat and share gifts and shopping ideas with your friends in real time
  8. Instantly add and chat with your friends using their phone numbers, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter accounts
  9. Currently available in Google Play
  10. iOS version will be available by December 2015
  11. Learn more about BuyAi

We are relatively new, still in stealth mode and registrations are invite based only. We are looking to get constructive feedback. With your support, we will elevate our App to a high quality level for both android and IOS.

Would appreciate your help to test it out!

BuyAi Development Team