House Modelling System

Hi there,

I have a client who builds outdoor spaces for people. He has a WordPress website and what he’s looking for is to allow some way for people on the website to be able to visualise what their space will look like before they decide to purchase it. He wants to achieve this though by allowing users to choose different options for different parts of the space. So for example, they might choose between different options to decide what their roof might look like.

From these choices, a final model of what the house would look like in a similar way to systems such as Planner 5D. I would then need to have some way of being able to see the final model that has been created once the user has submitted their details to me. Does anyone know of any systems or products where this can be achieved?

If I can’t do that, then is there a system or plugin where based on options chosen, it puts together images to eventually create a final image which would then be what the house would look like?