Hotella Wordpress Theme Causing Issue (by Webnus)

Wordpress Theme: Hotella - Resort & Hotel Booking WordPress Theme by Webnus

This product having issue while importing the data. It shows that ‘You have successfully imported the data’ but most of the pages are broken and the menu section, checkout page and others are not work.

I have submitted the ticket but meanwhile what else I can do, please suggest!

Have you assigned relevant navigation, and configure basic theme setup, plugins etc. also?

Did you check the documentation with the theme

As there documentation page is not working(here is the link But I have installed the required plugins and done with the importing content part. Still I am facing issues.

Have you set menus in the various locations?

Whats the link to the broken pages?

Here is the link:

Menu was not showing after importing the data but now I have manually assigned it. As it was suppose to show automatically after importing the content.

And once you go to hotels list the packages are not visible and the checkout page is broken.

Although menus donl’t tend to assign with imports and they do seem to be there now, the package query and the checkout question are definitely ones for the author to answer

Menu was assigned by me(manually).

Well I just have to wait for the support then.

Thanks @charlie4282