Hotec Theme Purchase Outdated

I purchased online the Hotec theme for Wordpress, when i upload the theme to Wordpress and activate i get error 500 message, on a bit more research i see the providers have closed the support forum some year ago and the last supported Wordpress is very old (1 year) but when buying it states updates would be available and 6 months support from provider (Smooththemes).
This is clearly an unsupported theme and outdated, why are you selling this still and how can i have a refund?


If you have any question about Hotec theme ask your question with your item author at here as a comments

they will give you good guidance.

Here is new refund link if you need

you are able to get refund or not get an idea from here

Here is about customer refund policy


If you got 500 error message in your web server then you can install the theme at your localhost pc. If you can install in localhost then please contact your hosting provider and let them know about 500 error. If you can’t install the theme in your localhost pc and if you bought the theme less than 6 month ago then for your concern please open Help ticket and let them know. Envato support team will be very happy to assist you.