Hosting theme on VPN possible without web designer?

Hello everyone. I am hosting several websites on Wix and WordPress. I am not a web designer. Is it possible if I buy a theme and host it on VPN without the help of any webs designer? Will it work lite templated just like wix and wordpress?

I belive that you are referring to VPS (virtual private server), and not VPN (virtual private network).

To answer your question, yes and no. It will work just fine. But you won’t be able to edit the template like in Wordpress or Wix. You have to manually edit the code with a text editor or use a HTML-editor for visual editing.

I recommend that you try to learn HTML, and not use a HTML-editor. It will pay off…

I’m not sure that’s entirely accurate.

  • Wix: no you won’t. This is a managed platform where you can use your own domain, but you don’t get access to the editor or source code remotely.

  • WordPress: this depends if you are using blogs or if you are using websites that have had WordPress installed on their own hosting.

It’s possible to move sites around but the process depends on the current setup.

WordPress will be the same or depending on what theme you choose to have may use a page builder plugin to make things easier.

That said page builder plugins are NOT the same as how Wix works.

  • There is a third point here - managing a VPN and self hosted sites means backups, updates and other maintenance, which can to an extent be automated but you are likely to need someone with technical expertise on hand in case things go wrong

How exactly is it not accurate professor Charlie?

For example -

  • Unless I am mistaken you can’t export a Wix site and just install it as HTML elsewhere?

  • If exporting a Wix site is possible then this may require HTML editing, but it would be possible to migrate WordPress and use the editor for that to prevent having to use raw code.

On a side note, as per my point above about maintenance - I think trying to move from any “self-serve” platform to private networks is a potentially much more complex process than it at seem.

Well that ain’t what he asked, is it?

Yes, sure.

Fair point - rereading their post it’s not exactly what they are asking.

@hrplflora in a nutshell yes you can buy a theme on envato and host it on a VPN.

The way in which it is edited will depend on the theme but many themes on envato now use a page builder plugin (although there are still not as straight forward as Wix)