Hosted png/jpg images missing?

Hi there! Is this happening to you? My hosted images on VH are not appearing on my page. These images are hosted on google drive. Could someone give me some hint? I’ve verified on google drive and all the png/jpg links are working.

Here goes a png image hosted on Google drive(working):

The strange detail is that when i copy html page on “envatitor” or other html viewer , the preview page shows all the hosted images.


I have the same situation, it seems Google has stopped the method UC link, or maybe they found out about this method as I have read recently google discontinued image hosting on google drive since 2015.

I’ve just looked at your profile, You have a massive amount of images in your items descriptions, that need a lot of time to change all the broken link :scream:

Thanks for the answer pxlzero. I should do like you did, simple and fast pages. We have the same number of sales, haha! Cheers!

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Could you VH/AJ authors recommend other hosting images sites?

What a Coincidence :rofl: the same situation with the same number of sales

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Do you guys have any news about this? Is it something that’s going to be fixed?
Looks like something has changed on the Envato side, because the Google links are working properly.
The description of all my items is a mess now :frowning:

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Hi flasheasy, i sent a ticket to envato explaining this problem. It’s weird, cause google links are really working.

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I host my images on my own webspace and can not report any issues. If you want you can check one of my item pages, in case the images are just in my browser cache or whatever.
But it looks like self-hosted images are not affected.

I don’t think it is wise to rely on third-party hosting, that is why I started to use own hosting early on.

But it seems envato uses temporary cached images in its system. When i try to visualize an image from google drive through VH page, in web adress appears something like “…”

Yes, this method has been in place some time now. You can take a look the envato announcement forums but you will have to dig a bit.
They have been porting the images to their webspace for years I think, but first this only applied to http addresses (without security certificate) but for a few months now they also convert https addresses.

They still fetch the caching data, i.e. how long to preserve the image before requesting a new version from the server.

I guess something in this process goes wrong when using google drive images.

OneDrive and CreativeCloud work fine. But I do not use images a lot.

I haven’t receive an answer from Envato yet, so I spend almost a whole day changing about 500 image links :slight_smile:
But I still hope they’ll fix the problem with GoogleDrive. I find it very convenient, almost never goes down and you can update an image without changing its link.

So it looks like there is a trick that works, but you have to specify the exact width of your image, the &sz=w616 at the end. And use instead.
Old links look like this:

New link that works:


Thank You very much! It works for me too!
But, I don’t understand why AJ do that with Google Drive links. I must changing around 2-300 image links now. Maybe, I need to find a new hosting site. :smiley:

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Hello everyone!

I am late to the topic, but yes I also faced the same issue. Looks like Google upped their security and Envato cannot fetch the images on the runtime. But, Google’s thumbnail version still doesn’t have that security it seems.

So, it works, but you need to give a width. Better give it 600px as the width of the description if 590px I guess.

So, as @flasheasy mentioned, it works -

Old URL:{doc_id}
New corrections:{doc_id}&sz=w600



I had some images from google drive on my description item page. but now those are not working and all of them are broken. can you help me, please?