Hope Wordpress Theme

I am VERY limited in wordpress theme knowledge. I want to purchase the ‘Hope’ wordpress theme, but I need to know if I can change the header area colors? I am referring to the content box where the logo is placed over.

Thanks for any help!

If you can’t do it in the theme options (ask the author) then it would be a very simple CSS change to do it

Thank you for replying. If it does require a css change, will that involve another product purchase, like a plugin or something?..I really don’t know enough about all of this yet!

It’s hard to tell how to implement it without seeing the back end of the theme but there’s a good chance that if it is not part of the theme options then there may be custom CSS in the options or other wise you would need to edit the style-sheet or use a custom CSS plugin and modify the CSS.

Either way the author may (not obligated to) help you with it if need be.

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