HOPE - Responsive WordPress Non-Profit Charity Theme

I just purchased the HOPE - Responsive WordPress Non-Profit Charity Theme from themeforest, i wish to install sample data for the theme let it look same as the demo. how can i do that please help.


You should check theme’s documentation here you will find how to install demo content “Installation information > Demo content”. If you still have problems you should contact the theme author to help you with this.

Thanks for the help, i can not see the menu to import data in the theme option.

My mistake I gave you the documention from the wrong theme, contact the them author.

Thanks, i followed the documentary but my theme did not come out same like the demo

Please note that when some demo data is imported it may not look like in the demo page there can be multiple reasons depending on what kind of importer the theme has but it should still look like in the demo page.

If you have problems with it or don’t know how to do something ask the theme author they should help you with this.

Here on the forum you may get some help from authors/user from their experience but still they don’t know how the product you purchased is working if it’s not one of their item.

Thanks for the hint, i followed the steps in the documentary but just could not get the right view. let me try again from scratch may be i skipped a step.

Its been over 48 hour since i contacted the author of this theme for assistance and no one has responded yet, i even try to reach them on phone to no avail. can some one give me another means to get to the author of this theme,


Have you submitted ticket or comment on item’s comments section?

If you submitted ticket please also submit a comment and vice versa. Otherwise if you still have issues with the theme but can’t get in touch with the author you can ask for a refund, here.