Hookah Flyer rejected

2 days of 3D designing rejected in 1 minute.
About Quality, it’s very frustrating.
Anyone know how to improve this?


Typography is the big issue. Your title is not visible and fonts doesn’t pair. Also the light effects are low-res and looks cheap.

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okay, I will make my title more stand out, your right about that.
And use other fonts.

hi , for me indeed, there was no chance at all that you have this flyer approved. Do not get me wrong, i do not mean that there is nothing interesting about this item but u have several lethal mistakes and these issues can explain the whole rejection …

basically , u are simply breaking most of the basic design principles with this one … u have no repetition, the contrast is not here and so on and so forth …

to get into deeper details, here are my comments on what u have this far …

1- contrast and hierarchy
sorry to say just this but there is nothing outstanding at all. Between the texts crossing elements, the colors being the same over and under without u find any way to make the text pop out, there is simply nothing being valued among all your texts and elements … but even if this is already a big issue as such there is worse …see 2

2- readability
this is mainly due to the lack of contrast between the background and text elements on top of it, the lack of “decoration” meant to underline texts - like shadows for instance - the text are hardly readable in the end indeed … same goes for the header which is drowned in the background …

3- tyoo
u have a big issue for here … not only pairings are not working, the u have some but the texts otherwise are too flat , lacking originality , variations and working combinations …, all this being emphasized by the lack of contrast and the trouble that people are feeling when it comes to reading the contents …

4- spacing
beware the space between the compositon and edge is not the same, mainly also because the space between the header and the frame and the footer and the frame are not the same, too …

5- render
so do not get me wrong your renders are good but exploited as such the central composition looks really too massive, lacking refinement compared with the rest and also considering the luxury theme that u have here …

think about it

Thank you very much.

u are welcome i hope it could help u :slight_smile: