Honshi WordPress theme is no longer on Elements

Hi there,

I’ve used the excellent “Honshi” WordPress theme by @Ninetheme in a client’s website.
It would be perfect for another client, so I returned to get it, but it’s gone!
It’s still on ThemeForest, but gone from Elements.
What does that mean for my license? And how can I license it for my new client?
Many thanks.

As long as you were subscribed when you finished the first clients site then that site is fine ( it you won’t get access to updates or support)

If you want to use it on another site and it’s not on elements anymore, then you will have to buy the full copy which is actually better as it gives you support and updates

FYI is is always better to have the client but the item and not you for numerous reasons


with regards to WordPress Themes & Plugins on Elements… this really feels like a bait & switch. if we setup a use license for a project, and then use that theme/plugin within said project… @charlie4282, you’re saying that the only solution is to then purchase said plugin/theme?

we’re already paying a monthly fee. granted, it’s up to us (as clients/customers) to take advantage of what we’re being offered… but for anything that we use, and license for a project, not having access to the updates is quite unfair to all effected.

audio/video clips, stock photos, fonts, etc… they don’t have a shelf life.

WordPress Themes/Plugins do. granted, we could intentionally keep our WordPress version & additionally installed plugins out of date and not upgrade them (to prolong compatibility), but where does that leave our clients?

to me, your response translates to, "Here at @Envato, we’d like for you to know that you’re paying for a service, so we grant you access to the service & associated assets that you’re paying for…

BUT, don’t forget that you must read between the lines on our licensing service agreement! When you fill in those gaps, you’ll see that we’re going to intentionally prevent you from patching security flaws, you’re purchase might prevent you from being able to use PHP7+, and there’s also a slim chance that your shared hosting provider might freeze your insecure and vulnerable hosting account. We do offer a solution though… which is to purchase the full priced service, on top of the monthly fee that you’re currently paying on Envato @Elements project licensing."

I’ve only read a few pages, but I do realize that there are pages and pages of T&C. So, I’m confident that it must state somewhere that authors have the right to remove their digital assets from Elements. Although, I have not been able to find the exact verbiage that summarizes my concerns listed above.

Maybe it’s just me, but IMO, if we license a WordPress theme/plugin for use on a project, we should be able to continue downloading newer versions of said theme/plugin, throughout the duration of our paid account’s lifetime.

Additionally, if anyone over at Envato could revisit this idea (@envato.com1, @envato3, @envato4, @envato5), and updated their Content Provider/Author T&C saying something like:

  • content must remain active for a minimum of X months
  • users who actively use their Elements API key on licensed projects will continue having theme/plugin access for the duration of their project (including updates & direct downloads)
  • etc, etc

I’d like to believe that might incentivize Creators/Authors to have a fresh rotation of content on Elements. I cannot speak for everyone, but there’s been several occasions where I’ve really fallen in love with an Author’s content on Elements! By choice, I happily and willingly purchased more of their themes/plugins… for use on more projects. Had I not experienced the exposure that I gained through Elements, I never would have known! …but, since I had, I was a very happy camper and happily contributed to their cause (purchasing full licenced version via ThemeForest/CodeCanyon).

Forcing Elements members to purchase full version upgrades simply does not feel right, especially when I’m spending more/year on the Elements membership than what it would have cost to flat out purchase everything that I ended up using on projects.

The “quick evaluation” experience is why I’ve enjoyed Elements so much. It’s allowed me to try out themes/plugins quickly and easily, without having to commit to purchasing and trying out. …or the long route of applying for a “free trial”. When I need things, I need them now… not days from now (as it sometimes takes authors to follow up on submissions/comments).

I apologize for my rant, but I’m frustrated that I cannot upgrade VisualBakery (that i have a paid license for) or use ACF (that I have a paid license for) because it conflicts with an outdated Elements Theme. Since day one, we’ve been told that the folks at Envato are working on an “update” solution for Elements subscribers. Not only has that seemed to have lost all traction, but very often the themes & plugins on Elements must be downloaded in order to see the changelog and/or version numbers.

Why can’t we (the users) have a universal changelog area, where the changelog content is equal to the manual changelog inserts entered to their paid counterparts at ThemeForest/CodeCanyon? Since the massive web migration to php7+, this has become very frustrating. It feels as if we need our site builds to suffer in order to appease the 1 incompatible Elements theme/plugin. Additionally, a few of my clients’ hosting companies don’t even offer any other php versions less than php7.

I don’t mean to hijack this thread, but I was happy to find @gee-bee’s post, and to see that I’m not alone here. A number of other concerned members are also dealing with this issue. @visualdevelopment, @kevinmamaqi, @danielmoereels, @myheli, @1_BullMastiff, … and several more active members as well.

Feedback from an official Envato representative would be greatly appreciated :smiley:

hey @splaquet
You can check this article for your issue hope will understand.

Still any question open a Elements Help Ticket they would like to assist you.

Just FYI be clear I don’t work for envato so I don’t have any more insider information than anyone else here.

I don’t remember updates for elements being discussed or suggested by envato but I could well be wrong and just missed it.

To me (I am an elements subscriber) there are two points here:

  1. as a subscriber I agreed to the terms of elements and faq etc which explains the lack of support or updates. Of course I’d rather have the same terms as buying from CodeCanyon but if I am going to accept how it works then I can’t really complain or expect it to change.

  2. Authors get a fraction of costs per download, whereas they get a significant % of sales on CodeCanyon or Themeforest. If the subscription offered the same lifetime benefits as the full purchase then there is little to no reason for people to buy the full version. This will only hit the author and drastically reduce the interest or likelihood of them producing more quality items.

There has to be a distinct difference between elements and the main marketplaces to make it viable.