"Honing my Craft "

"We’d love for you to continue honing your craft and look forward to what you can come up with next time."
I’d like this patronising line to be removed from the stock rejection email.
I’m 52 years of age not 14, and have often been rejected by this library as my composition doesn’t fit into the ever decreasing niche that is deemed acceptable by this library.

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I wouldn’t take it too personally. I suppose what they mean is honing your ability to make soul crushingly bland music for using in commercials. It’s important to remember that you can make creative decisions, as long as the answer is always more ukulele, hand claps or palm muted guitar. If you still find yourself having original thoughts from time to time, just play the top 10 sellers in the corporate category on a loop while you sleep at night, and you should wake up the next day ready to go.



I think that they should also be a little more encouraging for authors who are submitting 'niche ’ tracks . What long term benefit for the library does approving 50 very similar sounding and titled songs each day ? Unless the amount of new customers is increasing by an equal amount as there are new authors the amount to share out will diminish .

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It seems to me that the songs on audiojungle no more similar than design of smartphones, if you do not look closely, they all look like black boxes, but if you look closely, each has a million different parts.

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Wow…That’s kinda 'deep man ! :laughing:

Beautiful hahah!