Homepages and navs not available. Plug-in missing?

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2016-10-13 14:49:13 UTC

A few days ago I bought the BARCH theme, unpacked and installed it, installed all the required and suggested plug-ins, and proceeded to make a site. I find no templates for the homepages or the navigation bars top & bottom. I googled and found videos that show how to create them in Visual Composer and otherwise, but the items they have on their dashboard in the video do not appear on my dashboard. I can’t do what they can do. I can’t create a top navbar or set any photo on any page to 100%/full screen, although that’s part of the template design. When I create a new page I don’t get all the meta options that all the ‘how-to’ sites on the web are showing.

When I try to create a full-width header (per themeforest demo template) I can’t go to ‘Appearance > Customize > Header > General’ per the video because I don’t have ‘Customize’ under ‘Appearance’

I checked on the server and sure enough header.php and footer.php were uploaded along with everything else, and nothing named ‘homepage’ but I did find an index.php (arent there supposed to be 2 homepage designs?).

Am I a missing a plugin maybe? I found:

Are these all the plugins I need?

Also, how do I choose font sizes? Nowhere…in Visual Composer and otherwise… does it give me choices of fonts and sizes. This is NOT very wysiwyg to me.

Please respond. Thank you.

Hey there, and welcome to the community forums. It’s best to ask your question directly on the item you’ve purchased so the author can help you. Also, please be sure to read the documentation that’s provided with the item. Chances are your question is answered there. Cheers! :slight_smile:

Thank you. When my request kept being passed by, I realized that this was the wrong place to ask. I then posted the same request to the author through Theme Forest and have STILL not heard back from them. Very disappointed in them.

I ended up hiring a web guy who told me that the template didn’t upload correctly.

I looked over the item you purchased in the Item Comments and I see the author is very active in replying to his support questions. I don’t see any questions from you there, though. Are you sure you posted there? Cheers! :slight_smile:

Thank you. The author, or someone, finally did get back to me yesterday. By then it had been a few days waiting for your reply, a few days waiting for his/her reply… and I was out of time.

The developer I hired figured out that the templates hadn’t loaded correctly. So we deleted them and re-installed, then started fresh on a new site. The answer I finally got from the designer basically told me something I already knew. Not much help. https://wphunters.ticksy.com/ticket/926375/

It makes no sense to me that you have access to the designer but not me, yet I’m the person who needs access to him/her, not you. Right? It also makes no sense that my request on your site got so many views by folks who could have redirected me, but didn’t, before you thankfully took the time to help me out.

Since I’m on a roll, lets talk about the system you set up to support clients. I’m angry because I had written to you or someone about a week before (I don’t have the URL available to show you) saying that I liked the theme but I wanted to know if we could adapt it in a few ways. I even wrote that I would be happy to pay the author extra to do it. And I got zero response. Zero. 4 days later I’m under time pressure from my boss so all I could do is buy the theme and hope for the best. Right there you’ve started to lose my respect for your company.

In the real world here’s how it works. I’m a customer that bought a theme from you. As far as I know, you are the person I should talk to if things are wrong. That’s why I posted the request on your site. I appreciate that there are folks out there who support each other but they should know that without us, the customer, they’d be screwed. If this was a brick & mortar and customers walk it to say the product they bought was not working properly, then had even ONE person, let alone 15, turn their back and walk away without even attempting to help them, you’d be out of business within a month.

What you’re doing here is no different. It’s a business where you resell items, same as any store. Customer service is EVERYTHING! And customers are almost always in a hurry. Please read the lecture I gave the author about understanding the reality of the people who are buying his product and pass it on to your co-workers.

Anyway, thanks again for your response.

I think you got a couple of things wrong here: You didn’t buy your theme from Envato, but from the author of the theme, that happens to sell if through Envato. As such, any support requests regarding the theme must be directed to the theme author, via his/her indicated support channels (comments, external support forum, etc.). You don’t contact eBay for support whenever you purchased something through its marketplace; you contact the seller. It’s no different here.

You posting in the public forum for Envato marketplaces is simply the wrong place for you to look for help. This forum here is made up of (potentially) all authors AND buyers throughout all of Envato’s different marketplaces, but there is only one “person” that can actually really help you: the author of your theme. What do you think are the chances that this particular author will see/find your support request here? In a forum that isn’t meant for that at all and that your particular author might not even be visiting?

The item page in Themeforest, where you purchased your particular theme, should indicate how to contact the author of the theme regarding any support, either in the item description, the FAQ’s tab, or at the very least somewhere on the demo website for the theme. That’s where you need to go to ask for help, not here. Some authors are faster than other to get back to you, but I would say the average response time is 48 hours (not counting weekends and holidays).

So please don’t complain that it took a while until at least one user in this unrelated forum finally saw your entry and happened to be able to help you. Because again, you are looking for help in the totally wrong place (as you by now figured out yourself). You might as well go out on the street and ask the next person you meet to help you with your particular problem. If you’re really lucky, that person might be able and willing to do so, but more likely, you will get simply passed by.

Each author here on Envato has his/her own way of providing support, and for better or worse, that’s the route you will have to take, if you have a problem with an item. Blaming Envato or any user in this public forum for the time it might take for a particular author to help you is pointless and unjustified, as neither can do anything about it.

If an author is totally unresponsive or unable/unwilling to help you, you can always open an official complaint through Envato, asking for a refund, but again, you don’t do that in this public forum either.