Homepage Takeover Banner

Is there anyone here who has coded/designed a flash homepage takeover banner? If so - can you show me examples or a portfolio?

Secondly - how exactly does it work from a coding perspective? Eg. If I want it to go on a homepage of a site, what do I need to know in terms of how to implement it?

Thanks guys!

What exactly do you mean with a ‘homepage takeover banner’? Can you be a bit more elaborate, or perhaps provide examples? A banner that says “This site has been taken over”? Like when a company is sold?

Homepage takeover is the term they use in Internet Sales for when you go on a site …

And the site has some massive takeover for maybe 4 seconds … then it returns to the normal banner dimensions on that given page

Here is a quick link of some Youtube one’s, the Wario one was famous


Ah, that explains a lot :slight_smile: Thanks for clarifying!

Expandable banners is another term