Homeland Security advises to remove QuickTime player NOW due to security risk, now what?


So… US Homeland security on down is WARNING to remove Quicktime from Windows based systems. I have nearly $14,000 in my machine and have depended on Videohive. Unfortunately, .mov files are damn near the standard. As an After Effects user, what the hell am I to do? It seems now that I have to dump my Videohive account. This is serious biz people.


Hm, since no one is answering you, here’s some info if anyone else is interested, from Adobe:

Some users seem to be suggesting a firewall block for the Quicktime.exe as a fix?


Its just simple and very clever Apple trick to shock the whole Windows world.


The trick is my job. Working in a casino, we have very strict internet usage rules and exceptionally tight firewall. If I cannot use .mov files on my windows rig, I am out of a JOB. That is serious. I loose my JOB. There I said it twice.


How casinos has anything to do with videohive and mov files?


i dont understand what do you talking about…? apple ends support of QT for windows. thats all. you do not need to do anything. just forget about it…
they recommend to uninstall QT because software without support can be hacked. QT will works as before just without updates. for example i didn’t install those updates for a year. and i have a lot of unsupported software that can be hacked. so what?) leave it

CASINO? realy??? you live in casino or what?? why you can not work at home?)


Amazing to think artist have to believe that people cannot have jobs with a 401k and full insurance benefits. Jesus jimminy Christmas people, Ever heard of digital signage? Wake up! The work you wonderfully produce is not always meant to be seen on the web or on tv, it can really be on digital signage. Look around for christs sakes, ever see any digital signage in the world where you live?


Ever SEEN DIGITAL SIGNAGE in your life time? Really?! You guys are artist and you are not in tune with your customer base? Get tuned in and sell to people that need your work.