Hollywood Strings ,Brass ,Wood Gold Or Diamond


Hollywood Strings Gold Edition is 16-bit, with one mic positon (mid-tree, no divisi) and all articulations except bow change legato. Upgrades to the Hollywood Strings Diamond Edition will be effortless as all articulations are included in the Gold Edition, and can be done at any time. The Gold Edition ships on DVD."

16 bit or 24?
1 mic or 5 mic?

Gold Strings/Brass/Wood have one best mic position or not ?


If you can afford it, I’d recommend Diamond. The bow change legato is worth it in HS alone, and the close mics make a big difference on the short patches for all instruments (giving them a bit more “bite”). If you’re doing broadcast work you’ll generally need to send a 24-bit master along, so it is very nice to have that as well. Just keep in mind that extra mics/24-bit samples are significantly more resource-intensive, and you’ll want to stream them off an SSD with at least 16 GB RAM (I’d ignore the EW recommendation of at least 8 GB, as I have 32 GB and occasionally still run out).


I would go with the diamond edition just for the extra flexibility on the mic positions, DIVISI, and the fact that $400 really isn’t that much for a nice sounding library these days. HOWEVER, the bigger the library, generally the more resource intense it is. I bought a newer library and it absolutely crushed by old computer. If you have an older computer and not much ram this must be taken into consideration and I would probably go with the gold edition in such a case. Solid State drives and ram make a world of difference.

24 vs 16 bit is nearly meaningless to me. Each sample in the wav (or whatever sound format) has an extra byte of accuracy, so instead of having a value between -32767 and 32767 (2^16/2) a given sample has a value between -8388608 and 8388608 (2^24/2) .Everything gets divided by the max value and up-sampled to 32-bit floats (or doubles) in the audio engine for processing either way - I don’t think there’s any real difference in sound quality. An extra byte can be better when it comes to processing, recording, effects, and will give you more headroom, but the difference is negligible. However, 24 bits WILL take up much more memory.


i have Diamond, and can recommend it, at that price especially, because i bought them right after they out and they was really expensive. You will need that control over the sound.


Thank you for the information. ))