Holiday/Vacation House Booking System Plugin

Holiday/Vacation House Booking System Plugin that offers:

  1. Front-end drop-down menu to select how many adults & how many children are staying.
  2. Front-end required select/tick boxes for ‘Have You Read Our T&C and House Rules pages/documents’.
  3. Front-end availability calendar to show want days are available/unavailable.
  4. Back-end booking calendar that admin can block out days.
  5. Back-end booking calendar that is synced with iCal, Homeaway, AirBnB, TripVisor.
  6. Back-end unlimited rate types (seasons).
  7. Back-end unlimited minimum nights stay, can have min 2, min 3 min 4, min 7 or whatever minimum nights.
  8. Back-end % calculation off booking prices as prices vary on season selected, ie; 50% off the total.
  9. Back-end different prices for different days in the same week.


Not sure if these will help, but here are some Airbnb style themes and plugins that you may be able to use:

Hope some of those help!


You can find script like airbnb , but if you don’t have any experience with that ist is better that you hire someone to make setup and everything else about site.
It is not just copy paste.