Hola! es la primera vez que subo, y me rechazaron, me dan consejos?


hi this is rather nice but the thing is that this is looking strange that have no text at all out there. What is the item supposed to be please? i assume that u can understand that you either need to have text in the middle or that you have to bring more elements and graphic design in the middle of the canvas if the item is meant to be an illustration, for , at the moment, this looks too empty. Otherwise, i am not sure that this is a good idea to have the edges of triangle almost touching the other lines but actually not touching. I also believe that u should pay attention about having all spaces approximately as busy … the thing is that the right edge is more busy than the rest looks more “crammed”. I would also turn the green cubes into another color so that this is matching more the warmer colors that you have otherwise

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