Ho much I really earn per sale?

I am new to Envato. I have an item on codecanyon priced $19.
At the time of submitting, they say that I will get $9.37 for each sale. But I got only $5.17.
After searching a bit on forum, I found that i was charged Author Fee. I don’t know what does mean and why it is charged. I also want to know that do I have to pay Author Fee for each sale ?
How much I will earn per sale ?

Have you filled out the W8 or W9 form? If you didn’t, then this is the reason

What’s to fill in Tax Id Type?
I am from India. I have PAN card.
But many forum posts says it’s not accepted. What should I do?

I’m dont know what the kind of documents peoeple have in India. But in my country (Ukraine) all people have an identification number (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) except passport. It looks like this, for example:

you need to give exact information about your address and everything because they send you irs papers to your address

and you need to choose foreign tax id and use pan card number all other authors from India does the same.But make sure to give correct data

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I submitted my PAN no. Thanks for the help.

I don’t understand it. I filled out W8 and still get charged for author’s fee.

The author’s fee is part of the money that Envato gets. They also get the buyers fee. But without the tax, you will be getting the $9.37 that you were expecting, even after the authors fee.