Hiring theme developer for customization: who owns the work?


I purchased a Wordpress theme on Envato and I contacted the developer about a feature request. They responded saying that the feature is not on their backlog list but I could hire them to code it for me. How does it work in these cases? I mean, who’s going to be the owner of the custom work?


here Envato Market Item Support policy. Customization work not included in item support. So, you can hire freelancer developer for doing customization job.



Thanks for your reply. Yes, I’m aware of the fact that item support doesn’t include customization, I’m not questioning that. The theme developer offered to do customization work for me, for a fee of course. My question is: who will be the owner of the customization work I will be paying for? Also, will the theme developer legitimately be able to include the same customization in a future theme update, therefore making it available to all their customers?

Envato Studio is a envato freelancer platform. if you hire any freelancer from there then envato will envolve with your customization job and payment. but outside envato if you agree to work with any developer or author then envato will not involve and that type of transaction will be your responsibility. so, if you like to go to item author for customization job and pay them, it will be agreement between you and the author.

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