Hiring support staff

We are looking for a support officer who can join our existing team. The ideal candidate will have both front-end and back-end development skills, as well as customer service and troubleshooting/debugging skills.

Hogash has an excellent reputation for customer support, the person who gets this job needs to continue and improve the relation with our clients.


  • Help our clients by answering to their support tickets. We are using Zendesk platform for support.
  • If needed, login to the customer FTP/WordPress website and troubleshoot the problem
  • Provide small css customisations if needed.
  • Find the best way to keep our customers happy. If you don’t know what the best solution for the customer is, ask for help so that the clients can get a proper response to his request


  • Knowledge of WordPress platform and how themes work
  • Good knowledge of HTML,CSS,JavaScript ( jQuery ) and PHP
  • Know how to apply small css/javascript solutions to basic tasks
  • Be able to work independently
  • Be polite, patient, helpful, even with impolite customers
  • Good written English

How to apply:
We have already found a colleague for this job. Thank you all for contacting us.

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