[Hiring] Looking for a WordPress / WooCommerce Support Engineer

TLDR: Hiring Customer Support Engineer for top selling WooCommerce theme: Shopkeeper.

We’re looking for a Customer Support Engineer to help us in our effort to make our top-selling WooCommerce theme Shopkeeper better.

Postions Details:

  • Remote Position;
  • 25-30 Hours per week or more;
  • Ideally on a different time zone than ours: EET UTC+2h

Role & Responsibilities

  • Provide support via email based system Zendesk;
  • Support users in their journey with Shopkeeper, that could mean: help with installation and setup, troubleshooting errors, answer general questions about the theme’s functionality, provide best practice advice and sometimes minor CSS customizations.
  • Weekly reports about bugs, top feature requests and plugin compatibility issues;

Must Haves:

  • WordPress and WooCommerce knowledge;
  • Basic WordPress and WooCommerce coding knowledge;
  • Basic WordPress and WooCommerce customization knowledge, familiarity with page templates and child themes;
  • Troubleshooting Skills;
  • Experience on a similar position;
  • Familiarity with popular themes and plugins;
  • Good written English;
  • Reliability, politeness, patience and willingness to proactively help;

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