Hiring Dev to fix a 11kb custom Woocommerce plugin

A Theme Author provided a custom Plugin for us, but unfortunately, it’s not working anymore with last Woocommerce versions, and the Author isn’t answering or providing update since 2 years…

So, we are looking for someone to fix that plugin, and make it compatible with last Woocommerce version. It’s not a difficult project, the plugin is a single 11kb file, 300 lines of code, clean code, IMO. You’ll need to be familiar with add to cart functions, thats all.

Basically, the plugin allow customers to type quantities of products variations, directly in category listing. This is a “wholesale” functionnality.

So, in the product categories listing, the plugin return each Product variations of each variable products. With an Input for the quantities. And a Submit button a the end of the page, to add all thoses products in cart.

Website currently using Woocommerce 4.2.5.
As soon we update to last Woocommerce version, this plugin doesn’t work anymore.
It display products variations, same as before. But when products are added to the cart, Woocommerce return an error : “Invalid value posted for size”. (“size” is the variation attribute)


Hi @florentindien i hope you are doing very well. I am interested in working with you and for helping you out with my top notch services and i will do complete customization on the system as per requirements. Let’s get in touch via my envato business email and confirm about the scope of work.
Thank you

We might be able to help you out. Please contact here: mojoomla's profile on CodeCanyon