Hire someone

I have bought a plugin, WP Cost Estimation Form Builder , codecanyon and can’t figure out how to use it quickly and efficiently.

Would like to hire someone familiar with the plugin to create what i need with it as i can be doing other things and get a better result from hiring someone.

Is there a place in these forums or on the Envato sites to do that?

I have contacted the actual plugin creator to see if i could hire them or if they could direct me to finding someone but they will reply n a few days…so i thought i’d ask here for immediate help.


Www.studio.envato.com or you could ask the author of the plugin directly

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thanks for the response, i’ll look into the studio and like i mentioned in my intital post, i have contacted the plugin creator but got an automatic reply saying they are off on the weekend and will reply monday

thanks again


You can contact me in case of paid help required.