Hire DMCA agencies and services to do it for you? Opinions needed

Hello there guys, I am actually considering hiring a DMCA reporting and surveillance services to take care of my items rights and take down all those nasty links. Have anyone of you tried it?
Here is some examples: https://www.dmcaforce.com/evaluation/ , http://www.dmca.com/takedowns.aspx

Are they trusted? Does it work? Since i am focused working on a big projects on Videohive I want to do it with efficiency, and having all those items spreaded is very demotivating.


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Hello there, I use LinkBusters to protect one of my item wich is selling good VoluMax

The problem is that it was hacked all over the world hundred of times, and I was contacted by LinkBusters.
Today it is difficult to find an illegal copy of VoluMax, if you find it, it will be V1 mostly with sometimes virus included.
My sales are staying good for V3.

I pay 50€ a month with a year of subscription.
For info those guys protect Red Giant wich is one of the biggest plugin company for Adobe.

I recommend if you have a weekly best seller project being hacked.

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Oh realy? What is your author profile ?


Yeah but you said you are selling wordpress themes. Where is your portfolio

Busted! It is disingenuous for anybody to believe your claim to services that appear to have solved all of your problems regarding piracy when you are not even an author and have no items in your portfolio :frowning:

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