Hire a professional type website?

Hi guys.

First time posting so hello!

I was wondering if there was a theme currently on the market which resembles a ‘hire a professional’ type website. I want to launch a such website where i can have the ‘professionals’ register and have their own profile for a small cost each month. Also want to be able to write blogs and content.

so would ideally be a landing page with a search bar specifying the type of professional and the area to then bring up the matching results.

Might be asking a bit much i am sure, any help is appreciated though!

Hi ishaq101 !

I have looked into your requirements. It’s a custom theme development request. Please forward your request at my profile via email and i will offer top notch effective solutions

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Have you checked CodeCanyon? There’s some WordPress plugins/PHP scripts

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I have but not quite sure how to ask questions to find out if they are indeed, what i need. will keep trying.

There’re few plugins/themes you can purchase and you can able to manage them as you wanted but you may need to spend time to find the correct one and maybe some configurations. Custom theme development may not be required but you may need some help. In case, I can provide some paid support