Hip Hop Track Rejected – Any Feedback?

I recently submitted this Hip-Hop/Sport Opener track that was hard rejected – listening back there are a few things I maybe should’ve changed on the arrangement side, but any thoughts from the community? Appreciate it!

REALLIFEALWAYS · Huge Energy Action Sport Opener FULL

listen to this genre from other authors and you will understand what is wrong.

Hi @REALLIFEALWAYS welcome to the forum.
I am not an expert to this genre, so I can ell you only my subjective impressions of this track.
Please be not annoyed if I say that, but this track got his rejection rightly. I’ve rarely heard a piece of music, which is so boring. There’s nearly no song evolving. That synth brass is playing the whole song that same 2-bar pattern. At 00:53 there’s a change…but unfortuantely this violin is playing the same melody as your synth brass before. Your mix sounds powerless - unfortunately.
Also this alarm sound (or siren) is annoying, the same applies to that vocal sample.
But as I said - I am not an expert to Hip Hop. Maybe there are some other forum members who can give you a hint to do it better next time.
Again, please don’t be annoyed about my direct speech - but there’s so much wrong with the song in my opinion…
I would follow the hint from @StudioProject and hear some examples from other authors here in this genre.


Not annoyed at all. Appreciate the honest feedback.

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