Highlighting Studio Providers in Looking For

Every day the Looking for category receives requests from customers looking for items or services. This can be a great resource for Envato Studio providers to link to their services.

We’d love to see more Studio professionals offering their talents to these customers, so we’re going to be doing something special to highlight their posts.

Starting today we’re going to be applying a special blue highlight to Studio providers who link to their profile in response to a customer’s post. This will help you stand out a bit more and hopefully drive more interest your way.

So if you have the skills required to answer a customer’s need, please link over to your portfolio and we’ll highlight your reply in beautiful Studio blue :smiley:

Please note that the highlighting process in manual at this point, so if we miss your post or are bit slow in highlighting it, please be patient. Thanks!

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i’ve filled an application few days back for envato studio ! when will it be reviewed ? will i get any mail? @KingDog

I’m sure the Studio team will try and process applications as quick as they can :smiley: Thanks!

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Testing. :smiley:


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It’s a manual process at this point…but I’ll “blue” your post so everyone can see what it looks like :smiley: