Higher prices are working for me so far Composer friends

I told all of you that I am going to be a voice regarding my business thesis as it relates to revenue and price. Today, 10 days into a 31 day pay period, I have surpassed July’s revenue by moving my price up to $49!

21 more days are left. I am looking forward to hopefully a 100 to 200% increase in revenue as compared to July.

Everyone please report their experiences with price increases here. I am curious to see how we’re all doing? This is important information for everyone.

Can anyone report higher revenue due to lowering price?

I know this is week one, but I am already feeling good about things! I already LOVE higher prices.



I love it too.
But I don’t know how to competently and fairly evaluate my work. I want to find out a balance.

Take care!


I have had better success since ADP was implemented and I have increased prices a small amount. What I like best about ADP so far is that you aren’t penalized for uploading a track that is 1:50 in length, in terms of the price automatically being set lower than tracks 2 min. or longer.

That’s the first thing I changed once I was able to adjust pricing.


Well, creators don’t care if the track is priced $19 or $49 - if it fits in the project they will buy it. It’s all about quality. They see that higher priced tracks are made by professionalists and mostly variable. For me setting higher prices worked very well. I started to earn more. Everyone is happy :smile:


My experience after just a few days is that decently selling tracks previously at 19 sells about the same volume at 29. It’s impossible to draw any solid statistical conclusions at this point, but basically all indications so far support the theory that earnings would increase by an overall raise.

While upping the price with 50-100 percent may seem drastic in the eyes of an AudioJungler, in nominal terms it’s still really pocket change figures in regards to the wider perspective.

I do believe a lot of ”typical” AJ customers will still come here looking for low priced audio, and if they do they will find it, but surely there are all kinds of buyers out there comfortable with different price points ranging from $5 to $5.000 or more. If the track is just right for their project, maybe sometimes the price is not an issue.

AJ may have a long standing reputation of being ”low priced”, but the switch to ADP may very soon help to diversify the market landscape in favor of catering to different budgets.

In the end, a stellar track is priceless :wink:


After a very slow beginning of the week I can agree that ADP has been a wonderful introduction and as SteelSound has maintained that revenue is the key. From midway through the week onward, revenue has seen a dramatic increase. I am glad that I deleted a lot of tracks as I felt that a price increase on these older tracks could not be justified and now I look forward to next weeks sales.


Same here… i have been selling well and with higher prices it seems to work.
I have allready reached my total of July and we only just are 1/3 in this month.

I have to admit, i have been against ADP and have been very sceptic… and like stockwaves said, it is probably too early to draw any solid conclusion allready, it does seem to work and hopefully this will bring out quality over quantity.

I am positive so far… and admit that i might have been wrong :wink: Maybe… or not… not sure yet… kbye.


I have raised my prices… but since then, sales are 0, nada, nothing.
But I guess this is also due to August, summer, holidays.
My sales have always been very low…

Same here. Once ADP began, I went through my portfolio and removed older tracks that hadn’t sold well.

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I think that removing tracks - even if they sold but not at top quality then I personally feel that a higher price would be wrong. I think buyers want the best quality for in effect is still a cheap price and so we have to accommodate a market that is always going to be looking for a rock bottom price.


I agree to 100% that the prices should be adequate (The best tracks - higher price, medium and mediocre tracks - lower price or even removal.). There is a danger that all prices will be inflated, then clients will leave (not only from the author, but also from the market, in search of better quality for the same price but on another trading platform). Therefore, any decision must be carefully thought out and weighed. Everyone was afraid of dumping, but it turns out that overstating the price of a poor-quality track carries an even greater danger for the entire market and for each author ! I wish everyone good luck with choosing the right price!


I have had a very slow start of august, but thanks to raising my prices earnings have been average so far. I´m excited to see many authors using prices to communicate their quality, also making it easier for many customers to spot high quality tracks to download I think.

I understand popular list authors are afraid to «rock the boat» from their steady sales but hopefully we´ll see more popular list authors raising their prices when sales are better next months.


Yes I agree that mediocre tracks will have an over inflated price tag, I think buyers are quite sophisticated with their listening skills! What I am dubious of is the corporate / motivational category and how the prices will be affected. So many clones and templates may backfire which will have a detrimental effect on the selling price! I am glad that I found this area difficult to do.

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New prices work great. It’s the slowest week this year, but I don’t think this is because ADP, I see a big overall traffic drop everywhere.

No one talks about this:
Another popular high-quality market sells tracks at 49$, but the standard license is unlimited.(The music is a lot better than 70% of AJ, everything is carefully curated) AJ license is for only ONE end product. If Envato could add unlimited license, I could justify much higher prices.
From my experience, this is the biggest problem our customers have. They don’t mind the price so much, but the licenses are complicated. I get 2-3 emails per week from confused customers and some of them decide not to buy here because of this. I can relate as a VideoHive buyer. I want to buy after effects template, use it and not think about it. Even if it costs a lot more.


A staff member from the company that produces Britain’s Got Talent called me once to clarify the price on a track that one of their acts was performing to on the show. He wanted a lifetime buyout rate and wasn’t sure if the options offered covered their needs. I referred him to the broadcast & film license, but they never ended up licensing the track. In hindsight, it might have been beneficial to remove the track from AJ and license it to them separately - just for the sake of having the track on the show.


Obviously a red buzzer moment.



I support! The question is how much $? 1000 $(one thousand) minimally? And with what rights to the track? With full? Or an unlimited number of videos, but without the copyrights to music?

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The price is up to you, since we got ADP now. :stuck_out_tongue: Unlimited license means you can use it on unlimited number of videos. I brought this up because it will make a life easier for YouTubers. So, maybe only the “YouTube license” could be added, which would be unlimited. To avoid abuse, customer could add a link to YouTube channel when purchasing a track, so we can monitor this.


And again, the client on the views and monetization of the YouTube channel can recoup your track 3 times. And earn more than you. He will earn 10 times more or nothing at all on your track and his video for 1 year.