High fashion - Roslyn Theme Gutenberg ready?

Hey All!
I’d love to know if the Roslyn theme is responsive & Gutenberg ready before buying it! Has anyone used it before - your thoughts? Feedback is highly appreciated :slight_smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



You can ask your pre-purchase query directly to the theme author by posting comments going through theme Comments page. theme author will answer your query.


Hi thank you - i did already look for a place to ask pre-purchase questions & couldn’t find anything.

you can ask pre-purchase questions here as a comments post:

Thanks but i went to the link that was suggested & can see no way of me commenting as a post… ? Can u advise how?

Oh! you don’t have envato market account. to post a comment you will need logged in into envato market. So, you can join then try to post comment. Thanks

Yes i am already a member lol! That’s for the clarification :slight_smile: got there in the end!