"hides all layers for which the "Shy" switch is set"

I heard somewhere that it is not advisable to use this button in projects: “hides all layers for which the” Shy “switch is set”. Is this true or not?2021-02-27_055107

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Ideally you wouldn’t use it, but it’s also important to have a tidy and well organized project, which isn’t always possible without using it… so I’d say that if you’re just hiding a few layers then don’t bother, if you need to hide several layers then go for it. That’s just my opinion though… others might feel differently.

I use it a lot, I try to leave only the most necessary things to make the project look cleaner and more beautiful.I thought that people who check projects on a video hive might not like this, or do they care?

I guess if you’re good enough with After Effects to attempt changing thingathat might be hidden away with the shy switch… then you’re likely to know where the shy switch is and what it does!

I didn’t mean the buyers, but the people who work for Envato and check the quality of projects. It may be inconvenient for them to enable and disable this button.Maybe it’s better not to use this button at all?

I wouldn’t worry about the reviewers, they’ll be fine with you hiding layers or not, but they do prefer a tidy project as far as I know.

I doubt reviewers have the time to dive that deep into a project where they disable shy-buttons in pre-comps. They will check if the template works with a prepared logo maybe, maybe change some colors etc, or generally test all controls that you built in.

But I cannot imagine they go through all comps of a project that are just “behind the scenes” workings.

If any they go through the comps to check if they are messy, which a shy layer is meant to hide.

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Thanks for the answer! I was just curious to know

Yes, thanks! It’s just that I use this button a lot, so I wanted to know if it poses problems for reviewers.Thanks again for the answer!

As long as the user does not have to switch the shy button to do basic customization (ie switching texts, logos, colors) it is all good, imo.

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