Hide username changed history

I want to hide the username change history section in the right sidebar of my profile . I have changed my user name twice from 1 year ago. There is no need to show them there. It looks unprofessional.

Can anyone please tell me how long it usually takes or how to do hide it?

Thanks for help me!!

I think its not possible to hide the username change history and its permanent.

You will need to ask envato - I’ve never seen this done (not to say it can’t be)

There is no option now.

But I feel that box should be hidden. Just a redirection is fin if used old URL. or just allow authors it to be configurable.

You may contact Envato Support.

Yeah that could be a nice little option :smiley:

I don’t mind if it can’t be hidden, but I’d like for it to be below the showcased item on my profile so buyers will be able to see it more easily.

Thanks for help! I’ll contact will Envato Support ! :grinning:

I changed my name recently as I’ve matured as a designer and wanted to refresh my brand to reflect this. To see the history in the manner that it’s presented on my Profile page is very annoying. There is absolutely no need for it to be that prominent, if it has to even be there at all. How can a designer evolve and progress if his profile is tarnished by previous names!?

I’ve written to support in the past and there is no way. Would be great if we could though.

Last month I changed my username. I don’t mind the previous names being there, but in my opinion it should be below the showcased (‘Featured File’) file. I want visitors to see the music first, not the username history box, which is why I think it should be at the bottom of the page - that way it’s there in case someone wants to know, but it doesn’t get in the way of the profile.

Same thing would happen us :frowning: So can any one tell how to hide ‘1 username change’ text from author profile permanently.


Any solution? Have the same problem. It’s very annoying :confused:

hi showing teh change name just makes no sense at all , if guys want to change they ve got to have a reason i presume and seeing teh former name is just not compatible … cannot understand how people did not identify this

Hi, anyone tell me how can I hide my username changed history…

Pretty sure this is still not possible

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