Hidden Items are TOO hidden ?

I have a funny feeling I posted something similar about this a couple of years ago, but it just struck me again today…

The “Hidden Items” tab is marketplace dependant right. And many of us are on multiple marketplaces (for me 4, inc PhotoDune and VideoHive). Some are on all the marketplaces.

I just realised today that I had some Hidden Items on PhotoDune from 4 months ago that I didn’t even know about. I might have checked the tab on one marketplace, and seen it empty, only to think I had it all cleaned up.

So my suggestion for Envato is to perhaps find a way of displaying items from all marketplaces under the Hidden items tab. In addition, I need a prompt to even look in the tab in the first place. So how about a little notification on the tab itself when there are items in there, much like an app update notification (red circle) on an iOS device.

It would be interesting to know how much storage space on Envato servers are being used up by Hidden Items that everyone has forgotten about. Surely an improvement like this would be a win for both authors and Envato.