Hi, what's wrong with that tracks?

Hi, what’s wrong with that tracks?

Thank you very much for ur feedback

Nice tracks I like them, but they are over compressed? Sound is broken in heavy/bass parts.

Yup, nice tracks but the mix is distorted/overloading (not talking about the fact that you may have some distorted sounds) and you hear obvious ducking/distortion when the deeper bass hits.

Great tracks, but yes, it sounds like you may be hitting your limiter too hard - If you are using Waves L2 or L3 for example, you don’t want the “Atten” to PEAK OUT past 6 DB - otherwise, it will start hyper compressing and sounding not good.

In this example, the “Atten” on the Waves L2 Limiter hits about 1 db. It will bounce up and down on your master chain, but you want it to MAX OUT at 6 db (you do not want the “orange line” to go below that - if you do, make sure it only happens very rarely) do not sacrifice clarity for loudness

Even Youtube has limiters now so loudness isn’t as much of an issue (actually, the louder the masters are, a lot of times the crappier they will sound now that Youtube has their own limiters)

Just make sure your masters are somewhat loud but not blowing the speakers out of the water.

TL;DR avoid hyper compression - even if it makes it louder, it will not help end product.

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Thank you very much!!!