Hi! There's no money in my profile.

Hi! There’s no money in my profile. On the night of August 23-24, 2018, I had $ 255 in my profile. In the morning there were 3 more sales, but the amount was reduced by $ 4. and now I have $ 251. like this? I didn’t have any returns.

What does it say on your statement?


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the fact of the matter is that there is nothing unusual!

No reversal?


Weird then. The only thing i can tell you is open a ticket support.

Please tell me where to find it?

Try this

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Did you buy something on Envato? Some Envato pages display summary of your sales and credits you have, like the main page in the mobile version (Chrome).

old cache information? :thinking:
good luck!

I did not buy anything, the money just disappeared and all.


You should definitely check your Statements.

Here are my recent statements.

I’m sorry to hear that ! Hope everything will solve very fast ! Good luck !

Thank you very mutch!

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