Hi there! Is it even possible?

Hello dear Envato and authors! At the request of Chrismas today in the search engine in the top there are tracks for 5 dollars and 5-10 sales in each account in one day, and even some authors have 5 stars and all in one day. Is it even possible?
Can this issue be discussed?



Unfortunately, many authors turn a blind eye to the rules and believe that the rules are not for them, and use the tactics of buying themselves. Dear Envato administration, big request to check the top sellers in the Holidays category, Christmas music! Here is the most striking example of a person who uses forbidden tactics, 9 sales and 5 star ratings and all this in a few hours.It’s very strange!?


When is this kind of behaviour by authors going to stop or rather when is Envato going to take this seriously as it really annoys the well-behaved authors. Also through such suspicious activity they have earned themselves a trending badge as a reward for this kind of activity. Bah-humbug.


Support! I tried to set $5 on on 4(!) my fresh Christmas tracks and haven’t got any sales :smirk:
This is hella suspicious!


1 one day you find some users doing ilegal stuff
2 you ask for help in the forums
3 mods will say you have to write a ticket
4 then you write a ticket, send it, wait
5 nothing happens
6 repeat number 1


I just dropped the standard price on 4 Christmas tracks to see what happens. If I get no sales then it is either that they are not very good or that I have not bought or my friends any ourselves. Highly suspicious whilst Envato sits back and earns as well as these authors. Unusual amount of ratings and comments for a new track = trending. All very very odd, this is not how new items behave usually on AJ.

Or it is just sour grapes and envy on my part. Bah-Humbug.


@gballx if you now search for some Xmas keywords, on which page your tracks appear? I guess it is not only the decreased price which leads to more sales. It‘s more about visibility in the search results. I have no idea, how they make that, that even tracks with less sales appear on the first pages.

  • a simple search for “Christmas” delivers 25.000 results
  • a search for “Jingle Bells” delivers 7400 results

I mean, how big is the chance to get found in a list of 25.000 search results for a common keyword?

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It’s the dark arts at play here…who know how to play this game - obviously they do.

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this is really sad!