Hi there, I got rejection codecanyon item with reason “Use lowerCamelCase when declaring variables”

Could anyone help me about this issue? I try to solve this problem but actually I don’t understand in which should I use lowerCamelCase, in Source code or in Doumentation ? I think there is no problem in Source code or in documentation, but why saying “use lowerCamelCase”, I don’t know !

I am fresher in CodeCanyon and this is my first item that’s why I facing this problem. Please help me if anyone can. I will be grateful to you! :blush:

N.B: My item is Mobile Application


Hi @codingbloom,

maybe you have used UpperCamelCase (example: ‘TwoWords’) in variables declaration. Use lowerCamelCase (example: ‘twoWords’).

You should fix it in the source code and also in documentation if you place any code there.

Also don’t forget to tell the reviewer in the submission comments (Comments for the reviewer) that you replaced all variables with lowerCamelCase.