Hi Spring! Congratulations on the start of March!

I congratulate everyone on the official start of the long-awaited Spring)
I wish everyone a good spring mood, fresh ideas, new interesting works, new sounds, new good vibrations and many smiles.
We have snow in Ukraine outside the window. The thermometer shows minus 10 degrees. And how are you?
But still officially already spring. And soon all snow will melt!


Just beautiful!


Also in Ukraine!!!


Wow, thank you I wish you new ideas and big successes too… :slightly_smiling_face:
Yesterday here in Barcelona a little bit of snow… Here It’s been a while since the last time I saw this :smiley:
In fact, yesterday I felt very inspired and I took advantage of this white climate thing … looking through the window the snow falling softly and sitting in front of my piano I composed some melancholic pieces…
Good march to all, and better spring start! :slight_smile:


MusicLFiles, After your message, it was three degrees warmer. My friend specially learned Spanish and he left for Spain to spend the winter. They say you have very soft and warm winters;):wink:

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totally agree @AudioCoffee … and every year is getting warmer than the last… :frowning: maybe there are some climate issues…
yesterday we had a nice surprise with this little snowfall :smiley:



Yes :sunglasses: congratulations for the freezing spring :slight_smile:
I live In Romania, East Europe and today were -17 Celsius degrees, with wind, feeling like -20 Celsius degrees.

Can you see the -20 in the picture? It’s freezing, I feel like I am in an Ice Age :scream:

I want to go to Hawai right now :scream:


Hevada, You so realistically told that I even felt it. It’s like I’ve been to Romania one day. Together we melt all the ice)



Привет) у нас аналогично :grin::

Весна что надо :+1:t2: :rofl:


Wolf_Music, Hello Friend! Wow, this is a beautiful snowy Kiev :wink:

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Привет Украина! В Беларуси уже солнышко и капель с крыш. Скоро и у вас :wink: ждите! :slight_smile:

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вчера… )


no more snow here in Romania

In Bucharest there are 16 degrees right now, 11:52 AM, people are basking in the sun,
it’s saturday,
what a great day for reading some Envato forums and enjoy your coffee with your laptop,
at home or away in some coffee place,

even outside :slight_smile:

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