Hi, Payout account Paypal to SWIFT can i change this time ? Before withdrawal 15th ?

Hi, Payout account can i change Paypal to SWIFT this time ? After 1st Before withdrawal 15th ?

no, it will not effect on your this month payout as far I know. because there is a payout fees for SWIFT ($25) which calculate 1st of each month when earning calculated. but if you change it will work from the next month payout.

Hi, Before earning calculated April 30th i selected Payoneer so i changed today Payoneer to Swift this is not effect this month 15 withdrawal ? this effect next month ? can i reset Payoneer agian ?

for frequently change payout settings you need to ask this question to author support. better to change after the month payout done (after 15th of the month).

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Thank you.