Hi, is remixing allowed?

Question? Can clients remix your music, add musical layers, extra vocals and instruments? Is this allowed?

My track was completely changed with me singing etc…


Most likely no. In my opinion, this note for each music license is indicated, if I’m not mistaken.

Thank you…

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Although based on the content of section 7, it does seem like it’s saying:

You can’t create a remix of a music track and claim or register it as your own song.

Rather than:

You can’t create a remix of a music track

You want to say that the tracks bought here on any music license, can really be remixed by the buyer? In this case, the changed remix can not be recognized at all and is extremely easy to resell.

Well, you can’t register it as anyone else’s song either.

But of course they can do whatever they want in their own home, but not sell it AS MUSIC.

Making a YouTube video with the goal of showing your voice by singing over an AJ track I believe would be OK, but you could absolutely not sell that song on Spotify, iTunes, or another RF library.

Of course, changing and re-editing the track to fit a video is more than OK, and happens all the time. Adding a a synth pad in the background with the music to make the video better I BELIEVE would be OK (maybe it isn’t), but again, your end product can’t be music.

Im just saying that the license clearly states that you can modify or manipulate the item and combine it with other works. There’s nothing in the license that states you can claim it’s your own work or sell it on.

@SpaceStockFootage Change to manipulate the track under the video (cut, stretch, impose the voice of the announcer, etc., but about the vocals nothing is said in music licenses, and additional musical processing). Therefore, and doubt. I would like to believe that the buyer of the video changes the track under the video and not under his own song or clip.